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Have you got the best deal? Or is it time to refinance?

The key points to consider are:

Lenders make money from interest.  They often have a monopoly on the mortgage market and are focused on their shareholders first and foremost.  Your current home loan may not provide you with the best options to save you money.

The lowest interest rate is not the only thing to consider when considering the best options to help you reduce the cost of your home loan.  Often the lowest rate loan has the least amount of loan features to save you money.

Talking to our experienced Independent Loan Consultants will enlighten you to what alternatives and options are available to ensure your loan works for you.

A large majority of people have no idea how much their home loan will cost them over the full term of the facility. On a mortgage of $200,000, over 30 years, charging 5.50% and paid monthly, the average Ballarat or Melbourne family will pay approximately $208,800 over the term of the mortgage.

Refinancing your home loan to access better features and rates can save you thousands of dollars once you know how to utilise the best features available. We can do it for you, servicing Melbourne, Ballarat and surrounding regional areas.

Contact us today on 1300 797 797. We have a large range of home loan options for you to consider.

Example savings of variable rates over a 30-year loan:


* Calculations are based on $200,000 mortgage at 7.25%, over 30 years, paid monthly.
Comparable rates are estimates only and are subject to change depending on the economic circumstances of the finance industry during the period.

What is the best option when considering rates?

A lower interest rate is always hard to resist when considering refinancing.  A low start up rate may seem great but what about fixing the rate or maybe splitting your options?  Have you considered the long term effect of the economy if you choose the wrong option? 

Other key points to consider are:

  1. Can you make lump sum payments off the loan
  2. Is there a redraw feature attached to your home loan
  3. What is the conversion rate once the honeymoon period expires
  4. What options are available to fix your rate and what is the expiry rate
  5. Is there an offset facility connected to your home loan to help reduce interest
  6. Can you transfer your loan to another property if you sell and purchase again
  7. What are the costs if you sell and start again versus substituting your current loan

"We believe that a home loan should be like a toll for you.  It needs to have flexibility, useful features, long term benefits and low-cost conversion options so you don't waste money if you sell and buy again"

Consolidate your other debts into your home loan

Another benefit of refinancing is the ability to consolidate your other debts.  By consolidating at the same time you can significantly improve your cash flow within your budget.  Take a look at our debt consolidation feature and see for yourself what we can do to help you save money and reduce your commitments.

If you would like to find out more about refinancing your home loan and the benefits of consolidating your debt call one of our home loan specialists today on 1300 797 797.  We will be glad to help you.

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