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Over recent years the finance industry has grown immensely. With the introduction of Licencing and mandatory qualifications our industry is now a very sought after profession attracting people of all ages and vocations.

The opportunities available to anyone seeking a long and sustainable career in finance are worth considering. Eureka Lending Group is continually growing and is always seeking to expand it's team to meet the growing level of enquiry by new and existing clients who are seeking finance for many various reasons.

In addition to taking up a career as a finance consultant other opportunities are available to organisations and business partners which can see you benefit by becoming a referral partner to our company.


  • Residential Home Loan Consultants.
  • Consumer Vehicle Finance Department.
  • Asset Finance Department.
  • Credit Representatives.

If you are interested in finance as a career we would like to talk to you.  Qualifications are an advantage, however there are very good training courses available within the industry which could see you become a part of our team. - Email:

Referral Partners

  • Accountants.
  • Financial Planners.
  • Real Estate Agents.
  • Building Firms.
  • Insurance Companies and Agents.
  • Legal Firms.
  • Motor Industry Dealers - Cars - Trucks - Caravans - Machinery Dealers.

Referral Rewards Program

  • Sporting organisations
  • Clubs, schools, kindergartens, etc
  • Social clubs
  • Not for profit & fund raising groups

Investigate how your organisation or company can benefit as a referral partner. Eureka Lending Group is seeking to grow its referral program and are keen to hear from any organisation or company who wish to promote our services through your people. The benefits are very attractive. - Email:

Work Experience / Traineeships

We have had many participants in the past and look forward to helping you try your skills out.  It may even lead to you being that one person who fits into the finance industry and a possible trainee program at Eureka Lending Group.

Please note: Although Eureka Lending Group is seeking to grow our team of lending consultants, credit representatives and referrer partners we wish to note that no guarantee is made to applicants that they will be accepted. Any application made for whatever position available will be assessed on it's merits and considered for acceptance by our Recruitment Manager. We welcome enquiries and look forward to hearing from you.

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