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Adverse Lending – Bad Credit Loans

Having Difficulty Getting Approved!
Whether you are employed or in business these issues may be you:  

  • Bad Credit - defaults - judgements - discharged bankrupt
  • Adverse employment
  • Financials not up to date
  • Part time - casual - pensioners
  • Looking for a fresh start

Everybody deserves the opportunity to a fresh start

Whether your credit history is not so good or you just don't fit in the box for a main stream Prime Loan we have a solution to help you get started again.

Your credit history determines what type of finance you are eligible for.  We want to hear your story and  individual situation. 

Even if your finance has been declined by another lender, you may still be eligible for any of the following finance options whatever your circumstances:

  • Home loans
  • Vehicle & Personal loans
  • Plant and equipment finance
  • Commercial & Business loans

We have assisted borrowers with all types of circumstances where their credit or situations are outside normal lending criteria including:

  • Full-time employment, self employed, investors, credit impairments, or simply don’t meet the traditional lending terms of a Prime loan applicant.
  • We provide options including:
  • Specialised or non-conforming home loans including low doc and alt doc loans.
  • Debt consolidation loans - and any type of loan that is available to Prime borrowers.

We don't judge you we just aim to achieve a positive result to help you get started again.

Non Conforming or Credit Impaired Loans

How they work

Non-conforming home loans work like most other loans. Borrowers can choose from a range of loan types including variable, fixed and split rate loans and popular features such as line of credit, redraw and offset.

Because credit impaired and non-conforming borrowers are regarded as higher risk, most lenders charge a slightly higher interest rate and/or a higher fee structure than for traditional loans.  Most non-conforming lenders only expect to have you as a customer for around 3 years and once you have demonstrated that you can manage sound repayment history we can then help you to refinance back to a Prime loan at lower rates and cost.



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