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Terms and Conditions


Any reference to interest rates, repayments, lenders, loan policy, products & services, statements & comments are made as general advice and information to you to help you understand what Eureka Lending Group is able to do as a finance business.  No application for finance is assumed as approved until all the applicants information has been assessed and presented for an official approval. 

From time to time some applicants situations may not enable them to achieve an approval of finance at the time of their application which may require the applicant to address some areas of their finances or personal situation such as:

  • Credit History
  • Type of income and the amount earned verses the amount of finance sought
  • Your employment status and background
  • Your personal history and credit worthiness
  • Your status of residence and origin of birth
  • Your ability to meet the commitments of the finance product you are seeking
  • Your ability to fund any deposit required to meet funding shortfalls

All or any of the above reasons why an application may not be approved will require attention if your application is denied.  Once any or all of the above items are addressed an applicant is then eligible to re-apply to seek an approval.

Eureka Lending Group advises that each applicant contains its own circumstances when applying for finance which may alter the type of loan available and the repayments applicable to your situation.  All finance applications are assessed in accordance with the NCCP Responsible Lending Guidelines to ensure that each applicant is not placed in a position of hardship or an unsuitable product.

Before entering into any purchase or loan agreement you are advised to contact Eureka Lending Group for a quote and preliminary assessment of your finance position to confirm your ability to seek a finance approval.  All rates, repayments, fees and related costs are taken into consideration when assessing each applicants finance application to ensure that every individual has had the opportunity to consider their options and risks before they enter into a finance agreement.

You are advised to seek independent financial advice when seeking finance for any purpose.  This information sheet does not constitute an approval of finance.  Terms and conditions apply to all finance products and are available on request from the Eureka Lending Group or the Lender.  Each product has different terms, fees, rates and conditions and may alter the outcome of the product you are seeking or may choose.

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