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Loan Types

Loan types Secured by Residential Property
Standard Variable Loan Is the most common home loan.  It usually has all the features which allow you to control how fast you pay your loan off.  For Example:
Redraw - Allows you to draw back on any additional payments you have made
Lump Sum - Enables you to make large payments off the debt without penalty
Flexibility - Usually allows you to split the debt with part fixed part variable
Portability - Allows you to sell your home and transfer your loan to a new property
Offset Interest - Has a savings a/c linked to the loan to offset the interest you pay
Basic Home Loan Has very limited features but is usually a cheaper rate.
Fixed Rate Home Loan Allows you to fix the rate so you have certainty for that period that you can budget your repayments.  Fixed terms are usually between 1 to 5 years
100% Offset Loan Facility This feature is a savings a/c which is linked to your home loan and allows you to pay your salary into the a/c so that you earn interest on the balance at the same rate of your home loan.  It has the usual features of a normal savings a/c with EFT & ATM cards as well. 
Land & Construction Loan Allows you to buy your block and then add the construction loan onto the land loan once you have organised your builder.  Usually a variable rate.  However we have a special fixed land and construction loan where you can fix the rate right at the beginning.
Refinancing / Debt Consolidation Loans Our split loan facilities allow you to refinance and consolidate your finances so that you have control over the various loans you are consolidating.  Great for keeping your investment loan separate to your personal home loan and debts so you maximise your tax savings.
Go-Between - Bridging Loan Allows you to finance your next home purchase without having to sell your existing home first.  The loan usually has an interim period where you are not required to make repayments (usually 6 months) until you sell your existing home.  The interest during the period is capitalised onto the debt and cleared once you sell.
Line of Credit Home Loan LOC - Is a home loan facility that has all the transaction features of a savings a/c to allow you to pay as much off your debt as you like and at any time thereafter redraw that amount at your own discretion to use the funds for other purposes. You do not need to apply to redraw funds and you can use the facility as much as you like for other purposes.  Eg.  To buy a car, purchase shares etc...
Investors Home Loan Provides flexibility to separate debt so you can claim the applicable tax deductions to your investment.  Can be Principal & Interest or Interest Only and usually has many of the features of a standard Variable Home Loan.
LO-Doc Loans Used for applicants who have not yet updated their end of year tax returns or where their circumstances do not fit the normal lending policy required. Often have a higher rate and are usually limited to a maximum of 80% LVR borrowing ratio.
Self Managed Super Fund Loans Loans that allow you to borrow through your super fund to buy property or shares as an  investments.  They are very regulated and are not for personal purposes.
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