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Planning for the future is something that many people want to do, but very often don't know where to start. You hear it on TV and read all the success stories in the news and magazines and start to wonder how did they do that.

Most people who invest in property or shares go into it with very limited knowledge and often find that the strategy they took did not do as well as they had hoped.

SO - YOU ARE THINKING of investing. You know it works because you have known someone who did it, OR you are convinced by the reports that you have read in the media.

One word of Advice: Before you start, take the time to put a good plan in place prior to looking or buying to ensure that every " T " is crossed and every " i " is dotted.

When you contact our team you will be assisted in following a very specific set of guidelines before you start your investment portfolio.

Some of the key things to consider before you enter the investment world are:

  1. Can I afford it
  2. Do I have sufficient funds to start
  3. What are my tax obligations and benefits
  4. What is the best field to buy in - property - shares - other
  5. What planning is required and how do I work out which is best
  6. Who do I need to consult with prior to starting my portfolio
  7. Do I need a corporate structure OR can I start up in my own name
  8. What are the costs and is my investment going to return a good profit
  9. What research is required of the market trends of the field I choose
  10. Is it the right time to invest or should I hold off until the market improves
  11. What type of finance facility do I need and will the return cover my repayments

All of the above are key issues to be addressed when considering starting your investment portfolio.  It's a lot to take in but it's not hard when you seek the assistance of a Eureka Lending Group Specialist.

Our 7 x 21 plan will help develop a strategy that will enable you to put a sound investment portfolio together over a period of time that suits your circumstances.

We have a team of professionals who we have aligned with to help you start your investment plans now.

If you would like to find out more about starting your investment portfolio and how our finance products work for you call one of our lending specialists today on 1300 797 797.  We will be glad to help you.

Self Managed Super Funds - SMSF

Retirement is a big issue that affects everyone these days whether you are 21 or 71.  If you are retired many of you will agree that what you thought would work for you is now quite different than expected.  Financial markets have been substantially altered due to the GFC and the mismanagement of peoples superannuation over recent years.

Who do you rely on for the right advice?     

How do you know which is the best strategy for you?

Have you considered setting up your OWN Self Managed Super Fund? 

So many people have experienced poor advice or inexperienced advice which has had an effect on what income streams you hoped you would have to retire on.

Ultimately it should be your choice and in your control to manage your investments.  Many people have relied on consultants who had a vested interest in where they invest your money.

" You need to take Control" After all it's your money so you need to look after it.

At Eureka Lending group we want you to know that - WE ARE NOT financial advisors BUT

We have an excellent range of financial loan facilities available to you to enable you to set up your own Self Managed Super Fund so you can manage your own investments.

Whether you are a property Investor  OR

Maybe you prefer a share portfolio:

We can assist you in arranging a suitable finance facility to help you finance the growth of your investment portfolio.

There is a lot to consider when setting up a Self Managed Super Fund.  Your accountant will need to be consulted as well as your solicitor to ensure the right structure is put in place.

However, for many investors, a SMSF can substantially reduce your risk and place you in control of your destiny to ensure that your retirement is well funded when the time arrives.

"We can help you through the whole process "

If you would like to find out more about an SMSF loan facility and the benefits of setting up your own retirement fund call one of our lending specialists today on 1300 797 797.  We will be glad to help you.

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