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House Purchase

Established Homes

So you're considering buying a new home.  Whether it is your first or twenty-first house,  the best thing to do is find out what you can afford and how much you can borrow.  The following steps are our guide for you to help you achieve a successful purchase.

  1. Seek Pre-approval first and foremost.That way you can look at properties that suit your circumstances
  2. Ask our team to calculate what you can afford and how much cash you need so you can make an offer to buy
  3. Discuss all the options as to what you want in your finance packageeg:Fixed or variable rates - Principal & interest or Interest Only-The term of the loan-Repayments verses your current rent commitments and so on
  4. Do a checklist of the things you want in your home so you can compare one property against the other
  5. Seek advice in what to look for when buying an established home to ensure you don't buy a lemon
  6. Way up all the costs - established homes usually attract higher stamp duty which requires more savings

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