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Construction Loans     

Building a new home is an exciting time.  You are creating your own dream.  Whether you are a First Home Owner or upgrading to a bigger home the experience is the same because you are planning your design - how YOU want it to look like and where you want to live.  However, it takes a lot of planning and organising all the steps to ensure you get it right.
Our team is able to guide you through this complicated process and help you plan the project to ensure you consider all the processes required to complete your new home. 

Some of the things we believe are good to consider are:

  1. Buying the land prior to building
  2. Buying land in a new sub-division
  3. Should you do a soil test on the land before signing up?
  4. Seeking a building quote and contract - what to consider
  5. Looking at the benefits of a house and land package
  6. Can you buy from the builder as a turn key project
  7. What about the extras that the builder doesn't add into the contract?
  8. What the builder requires prior to settlement - soil tests - pre plans deposits - specials deposits
  9. What the lender requires to complete a formal approval

All of the above are factors that you may be faced with in planning your new home.  It's essential that you seek the right advice to prepare your project to ensure that your experience is an enjoyable one.

Our Ballarat based team have a invested a lot of time and effort into the building loan process to ensure that you cover every aspect of financing the whole construction project from the building to the extras.  That's why we are good at it.  Check out our testimonials and see what others say. Eureka Lending Group - more than just a loan.

Call one of our home loan specialists today on 1300 797 797 to discuss all building needs. We service Ballarat, Melbourne and all regional areas.

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