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Commercial Property Finance - ELG Eureka Lending Group Ballarat

Commercial Property

For most intent purposes commercial property is purchased fo one of two reasons:

  1. You are purchasing the property as an investment
  2. You are seeking to locate your business in the premises

Either way it is very important to ensure that you buy the property with the right structure in place to lower your risk and also to maximise your investment return against the property.

If you're a business owner you will need to seek sound advice in the following areas:

  1. Is it better to buy the property in your own name or a company structure
  2. Is the property considered as an investment / asset to you or the business
  3. What are the risks against the property if the business fails or is closed down
  4. Have you considered all the tax implications against the property
  5. What type of finance is best suited to the fund the purchase of the property

Your investment strategy toward purchasing a commercial property has many points to consider.  Take the time to talk to one of our team to discuss all the angles prior to buying your property.

We will highlight all the issues and assist you to seek the right profession help before you buy to ensure your property is purchased and financed correctly.  Call 1300 797 797 today for assistance.

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