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Caravan and Motor Home Loans - Eureka Lending Group

Caravan & Motorhome Loans

It's time to take it easy.  Knowing the right thing to do when financing your caravan can be a big decision.  Did you know that a secured loan can be applied over your new van.  That means that the lender can place an interest in the vehicle which usually lowers the cost of the finance package to fund your purchase.  That way you can keep your cash for holiday purposes and enjoy the sights as you travel.

*  There are many options available to match up the right loan for you  Consider these:

Secured Consumer Loans
 - Usually much cheaper rates apply - suitable for most new cars and cars under 12 years old.

Personal Loan
 - Usually unsecured fixed or variable - suitable for vehicles that don't fit the lenders policy.

Loans With A Balloon
 - Reduces the repayments and allows you to nominate a payout figure at the end.

Long Term Period
 - Terms up to 7 years which lower the monthly repayments.

"Plenty of Options"     -     "Plenty Of Lenders"

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