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Susan Grant

Susan Grant - Eureka Lending Group

Customer Service / sales support

Susan recently joined our team as the customer service consultant and is training to become a finance consultant after returning to Australia from the US.  She spent a number of years working in the US in the real estate industry and prior to that as an airline hostess.  She has a very warm personality and enjoys helping people achieve results.  She is a great asset to our customer service department and is enjoying the role of getting to know you and assisting you.

As part of Susan's role you will receive updates from time to time on what's happening at Eureka Lending Group.  We thought it timely as we grow to ensure that you are kept more informed on matters relating to your finances and we are pleased to have Susan be that link between the firm and you.

Feel free to call her for all your queries.  I'm sure she will welcome you.

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